Children of Morta: frågestund med huvudgubben bakom familjehuggaren

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Nu skulle jag enkelt kunna låtsas att jag prasslade iväg frågor till Children of Morta-utvecklarna Dead Mage för att leka journalist och nära allmänvetandet. Fast det gjorde jag ju inte. jag satt bara nyfiken i en strut över hur spelets puttriga stuk kom till varande, öppnade på locket, och ut hoppade Amir Fassihi, huvudgubben bakom spelet ut.

Media Pack - 03-noscale

De döda magikerna sprattlade igång en kickstarter-kampanj för Children of Morta härom tisdagen. Det puttrar på bra och spargrisen är alldeles snart halvfull med,i skrivande stund, 31.500 ihoptiggda slantar och över 1000 välgörare. Tillbaka till kritan; ni finner mitt och Amirs snack nedan, kom inte och säg att jag aldrig ger dig någonting fint.

– Regarding the game’s artstyle; the pixels sway, flutter and wooble; which in combination with the lighting and other effects give the whole image a life and pith that other pixel-styled games are missing. How did this vivid artstyle come about?

“I guess it all starts from the imaginations and paintings of our concept artist, Soheil. He then works on the sprites along with our other artist, Arvin and they have been working together for quite some time now and have come up with this style. The good thing about pixel art games these days is that you don’t use pixel art because of technological limitations so you can always use modern rendering techniques beside it to give it an edge.”

– The family-based angle of the Bergsons isn’t something we see that often (if ever), did you draw inspiration from anywhere in particular?

“Well no. It just came up in one of the brainstorming meetings and clicked with everyone really fast. Our artists did a few cool sketches right there and the idea was selected.”

– With the launch of your Kickstarter campaign we got a first glimpse at the game’s equipment- and alchemy-system. As far as progression goes, How deep is this system? Can players expect a whole myriad of different pieces of weapons and gear?

“Yes. The Alchemy system and crafting workshop are what provide persistent progression for our game. Other than these, the rest of the items and achievements you get during play sessions will be lost when your hero dies. The exact depth for these systems is not finalized yet as we are trying various ideas.”


– Can you give an example of what a, as you call them; ‘procedural narrative event’ could entail?

“An example would be a random stranger that shows up at your door and requests help from you in order to save her grandfather that has been cursed by a strange object. You would have the option to join her on the quest, she will be in the house for a while and then leave, whether you did help or not. Such events are procedural and you might finish the game and never see this narrative event, but your friend will see.”

– What aspect of the game are you most excited about having people experience for themselves?

“The mix of Roguelike and narrative.”

– Lastly, is there anything specific you think people should know about Children of Morta or the process behind the game?

“We know that this game plays well on the big screen with controllers also and we are looking forward to meet some stretch goals and be able to port this game for the consoles.”

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