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On April 13 it’s time for PolitikerStarcraft – an eSports event for Swedish political parties. Representatives for the various parties will meet on the virtual battlefield and fight for fame and fortune. All political parties except the Christian Democrats are represented in the set, with the Pirate Party as a wild card.

The casting duo Living on the Ladder starts broadcasting shortly before 13:00, in time for the opening match between the right wing Sweden Democrats (Sverigedemokraterna) and their ideology counterparts Left Party (Vänsterpartiet). A test of strength between two very different ideologies. The following matches are also “ideology – derbies” – first Pirate Party against the Centre Party , followed by the Social Democrats against the New Moderates and finally Liberal Party against the Green Party. Quite a smart game schedule PR-wise, and we suspect that the administrator Jonathan Rieder Lundqvist had a fun time setting it up.

The schedule for Sunday’s fun looks like this :

  • 13.00 – The Sweden Democrats vs. the Left (best of three )
  • 14:00 Pirate Party vs. The Centre Party (best of three )
  • 15:00 The Social vs New Moderates (best of three )
  • 16:00 Liberal Party Liberals vs Green Party (best of three )
  • 17:30 Semifinal 1 (best of three )
  • 18:30 Semifinal 2 (best of three )
  • 20:00 Final ( best of five )

PolitikerStarcraft is played with Single Elimination rules, meaning that only the winners are allowed to continue forward in the tournament.
The Grand Final is at 20:00. The winner there has the right to call itself a political master in Starcraft 2, a title we suspect will have a decisive role in the election later this year.

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