Swedish politicians compete in Starcraft 2

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Four years ago, in the middle of the ongoing election campaign, the Pirate Party had representatives for the Swedish parties battle it out in an intense Starcraft 2 tournament. PolitikerStarcraft was the name of the event, and just as in real life it was eventually the Liberal Party that was placed on top of the podium. Now it is once again election year, and PolitikerStarcraft is back for the second time. However, this time it’s not the Pirate Party that stands for the invites.

Jonathan Rieder Lundkvist, who was the person behind the Pirate Party’s challenge last time, is putting the party allegiance away this time.

”I’m still a member of the Pirate Party, but letting a party arrange an event for the other nine [parties] isn’t a good idea. I also think the event will be more appreciated if there isn’t any obvious party allegiance behind”, says Jonathan.

Every party in the parliament, as well as the Pirate Party and Feminist Initiative, are invited to the tournament. However, only eight of them will be allowed to compete, so if everyone accepts the invitation, current poll standings will decide the schedule, which probably favors the parties currently in the parliament. Exactly how this rule will work is not yet decided.

PolitikerStarcraft starts Sunday the April 13th, and those of you who wants to follow the matches live can do so thanks to the caster combo Living on the Ladder (http://www.twitch.tv/livingontheladder). Every party is allowed to participate with one player and one reserve under the party’s name, and the participation must be sanctioned by the party. Eligible participants are those who have been members of the party during 2013.

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