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På, ni vet de där som höll tävlingen som fyllde TF2 till bristningsgränsen med nya items, har man intervjuat Valve:s Robin Walker. Ämnet är såklart Mann-conomy update, och vad det har betytt för spelet sedan den kom.

Adam Bromell: How has the Mann-conomy update impacted the Team Fortress 2 community? Were there any expectations prior to its release and how did they compare to when it was actually released? For instance, the huge payouts the 5 winners received (averaging $45,000 each) must have been as much a surprise to the TF2 team as it was to the winners.

Robin Walker: The size of the payouts was a huge surprise to us. We did our usual predictions pre-update, and as usual, the main thing we found is that we’re really bad at making predictions. About the only thing we correctly predicted was that there would be a big increase in contributions once word got out that people were making significant amounts of money from their items.

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